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Taking Down the Moon

Winding Down the Stars

Dipping a Toe in the Moonlight

Singing the Bones


Taking down the Moon
These etchings map the cycles and stages of the soul. ~ Taking down the Moon is about endings, leaving the known for the distant shore of the new. ~ Winding down the Stars depicts the soul coming down to embody herself in a new life. ~ Singing the bones reveals that the soul can never be lost and that new life, substance and vitality, can always be sung onto the bones of the old. ~ Dipping a toe in the Moonlight shows the the two aspects of a woman, the soul that is in touch with infinite Oneness and the Persona, the self that meets the external world.


Medium: Etching with aquatint & coloured pencil
Edition 15
Paper: German Intaglio 350gms
Image sizes: 190mm x 305mm & 190mm x 280mm
Paper size: 310mm x 450mm
Price: NZ$395