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Love me, love my dragon
So many frogs, so little time

Love me, love my dragon

So many frogs, so little time

Many fairytales focus upon finding the right marriage partner -archetypally these tales are teaching us about the relationship between one’s inner male and female aspects.

Kissing a frog - a symbol of the devalued masculine - can be seen as embracing the masculine values and energies one has formerly despised. Likewise loving the dragon means appreciating all those aspects of the feminine that have been belittled and feared.

What the frog and dragon symbolise varies from person to person and culture to culture, but when there is acceptance, appreciation and love between central male and female aspects, the sacred inner mariage takes place, joy and fulfillment follow and this inner relationship harmony is then reflected in ones outer relationships.

Medium: Etching with aquatint and colour pencil
Edition 25
Image size: 200mm x 250mm
Paper: Hahnemuhle Etching, natural white, 300gms
Paper size: 305mm x 375mm
Price: NZ$395