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Women who run with the Spiders

A Course in Miracles

Feel the Fool and Dream it anyway

The Sacred Path of the Warrior


Nursery Crimes
A series of four etchings which explore the archetypal meanings of popular nursery rhymes. ~ Hey diddle diddle is about the fulfilment of dreams, about taking risks and daring to attempt the outrageous. ~ In Little Miss Muffet the heroine has returned to face her fears and has the opportunity to learn from this mysterious, archaic power about how to weave a life that is nourishing to her. ~ In Three Blind Mice the farmerís wife is the archetype of the self who through innocence, carelessness or fear has damaged her creation - cut off itís tail. However the cat, as intuitive healer, shows that we have within us the wisdom to make good our mistakes. ~ Old Mother Hubbard is about walking the archetypal bridge from child to adult - and the parallel path of the sacred warrior as the soul moves from innocence to wisdom, learning to follow the signs and prompting of the higher self.


Medium: Etching with aquatint, coloured pencil and monoprint
Edition 25
Image size: 150 mm x 150 mm
Paper: Hahnemuhle Etching, natural white, 300gsm
Paper Size: 280mm x 250mm
Price: NZ$250