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A bath in time saves nine

Can't see, won't see

No point in scratching the itch after the flea has gone



Many a slip twixt cup and lip

Tough hide, tender heart


The Proverbial Hippopotamus.
I was intrigued to discover that proverbs from many different countries expressed the same sentiment: The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, an english proverb, becomes in Armenia, Apples and pears have I plenty, but my heart yearns for quince. This series of etchings is a light-hearted exploration of the pieces of wisdom that might have become proverbialised in the animal world.


Medium: Etching with aquatint and colour roll up
Edition 15
Image size: 117mm x 92mm
Paper: Hahnemuhle Etching, natural white, 300gms
Paper size: 265mm x 330mm
Price: NZ$195